Bubbl is Back!

Now on the Qudos App Platform

Bubbl has returned to Dallas with a new technology platform! We are currently onboarding drivers -- First Responders and non-First Responders are welcome to apply!

Our familiar Rider & Driver apps make it easier than ever to place the Safest Ride in Town at your fingertips. Download the Qudos Driver App to get started!

Find Bubbl through the Qudos App in your app store.

To start riding for Bubbl Download the Qudos Rider App

To start driving for Bubbl Download the Qudos Driver App

What does this mean to me?

As a Passenger...

You can relax knowing a trusted, reliable Bubbl-approved driver is only a few clicks away. Schedule ahead or request on-demand, with the Qudos Rider App you have complete control. Choose your favorite driver, customize your ride preferences or add premium options like through-the-door service or pet-friendly cars.
As a Driver...

Bubbl powered by Qudos lets you leverage your status as a top-tier, Bubbl-approved driver, promote your vehicle features and market your premium services. Build a customer base through the Qudos Driver App that connects Drivers to Riders and allows you to take control of your success.

The Safest Ride in Town

Safety First -- Customer Focused

Bubbl, now on the Qudos platform

Recruiting Drivers Now!

Are you an active or former First Responder (police, firefighter, military)? Do you have proven experience in security or as a healthcare provider? Are you a "best-in-class" rideshare driver looking to provide premium services to your customers and build your own customer base?

  • Download the Qudos Driver App to register.
  • No shifts! Drive when you want for as long as you want.
  • Riders can save you as a Favorite Driver & schedule rides with you.
  • Promote your services with integrated social networking.
  • Quicker payouts directly through the App.
  • You are in control. Drive your own car.